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A two-player psychological puzzle.

Playing on an 8x8 board, try to connect your brain at one corner to the opposite corner... before your opponent does the same.

  • When adjacent tiles are flipped to the side having tentacles, they are connected. This includes diagonals.
  • Players secretly choose 4 tiles to flip per turn. When both are ready, the chosen tiles are actually flipped. If both players choose the same tile, it is flipped twice (so it ends up unchanged).
  • When you make a connected path to your opposite corner, you win a round.
  • First player to win 4 rounds wins the game.

Common misconceptions:

  • "If I flip a tile, I own it." Nope: tiles don't belong to anyone. The aim is just to make a path through whichever tiles are showing tentacles.
  • "I can only flip over unflipped tiles." Nope: you can flip any tile, including those previously flipped.

You can play locally (on one computer), where each player takes turns on the hotseat to choose their secret moves.

Or, you can play online, either finding (waiting for) another player automatically, or by creating a private match and sharing the match ID with a friend.


By Felix Andrews.

Made with the Godot game engine.

Uses the Nakama game server.

Networking code is based on the Fish Game tutorial by David Snopek.


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